Heroes: Saving Charlie Del Rey, publication date 12/26/07

"Six months ago..." Saving Charlie is the funny, touching love story of Japanese office worker Hiro, who, through the use of his ability to pierce the space-time continuum and manipulate time, bravely catapults himself into the past to save Charlie, a small-town Texas waitress with an extraordinary memory, from being brutally murdered by super-powered serial killer Sylar. Fans of the television series were given only a brief glimpse into Hiro and Charlie's relationship as it grew into love over six time-changing months, but their history is told here with the depth and insight that only a novel will allow.

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New York Times bestseller

Pop! Razorbill/Penguin, publication date 10/06

Is there any way to un-do it? Marit has made up her mind. Being a virgin is getting in the way of holding on to a boyfriend she really likes. So who better to lose it with than her best guy-friend, Jamie? They’ve been buds forever. It’ll be completely pressure-free. But Marit soon learns that doing it changes everything. Now she’s stuck without a boyfriend and in danger of losing her friends.

An ALA "Popular Paperback for Young Adults"

One of New York Public Library’s 2007 "Books for the Teen Age".

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